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Thrive Studios

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Meghan H.

Prior to my visit to Thrive Studios I spent 15 years getting my ears pierced and struggling with infections (5 times piercing in total!). Not yet ready to give up on my desire for pierced ears, I made one last attempt by visiting Thrive. Their fantastic selection of titanium earrings and excellent customer service on the phone brought me all the way to Cambridge, from London. Not only was the piercing itself painless and professional, I am happy to say that it was a success! I have been wearing earrings for 8 months with no issues. I would definitely recommend Thrive Studios to anyone, for piercing. Thanks Again Guys!


Jennette R.

To Jesse and everyone at Thrive, I just wanted to take some time to send you a note to let you know that you have ABSOLUTELY changed my opinion on piercings in the best way imaginable. I can't believe what a difference the right studio (practitioner) and the right jewellery can make. I honestly thought it was my body that was reacting poorly to all of my previous piercing attempts and had just about given up on ever having my ears pierced and now, not only has my piercing healed beyond my expectations, the actual piercing itself was so easy and painless. I could go on and on. But what it boils down to is this: I was treated with excellent customer service by everyone I encountered, the piercing was a positive experience, the aftercare was explained in great detail and the jewellery is stunning. I get a lot of compliments on my conch piercing and couldn't be happier with my decision to go to Thrive.  Thank you all.


Gayle O'Brien - 107.5 Dave FM

A few weeks ago my 10 year old daughter finally got her ears pierced. I entrusted my friend Jesse at Thrive Studios and it was a great experience. I wanted to make sure it was done as properly and thought....hey, they're regular ol' earlobes but going to a professional piercer is a good idea. Jesse uses a needle technique, not guns. As a result there is less trauma to the earlobe, less swelling/bruising. In fact her lobes were back to normal in a day and they look fantastic. Thrive is all about following protocol and sterilization standards and the atmosphere was really cool. We had a great time. Highly recommended for your kid, your We're just sticking with the single hole in each lobe....for a while, a long while...but whatever ya need, Jesse will take good care of you.


Amanda B.

Hello Jesse and team!  I just wanted to thank you for such a great experience. I was nervous about getting the piercing done and everyone in your shop made me feel so comfortable. The advice, support and kindness in your studio is certainly a rarity in the industry! Although the drive is long, I will only go to Thrive from now on. Everything is healing very well, no pain, minimal discomfort and only slight bruising. I am shocked at how easy this piercing has been so far.  Thanks for your time and keep up the awesome work. I'll be recommending you to everyone I know!


Ryan A.

As a precursor, I am terrified of needles, but I wanted to try something different and get a piercing. Lucky for me, Jesse truly made the entire experience go so smoothly. He is so knowledgeable with what he does, he can put any of your fears at ease. He makes sound suggestions and he's really great at answering all your questions. Most importantly, he takes pride in his work and makes sure you are completely happy with the outcome. I was having issues with the healing of my lip piercing and Jesse went above and beyond to make sure that my piercing was done right, even if it meant having to pierce my lip multiple times. Thrive studios is such a clean, friendly and well-maintained environment. I drove all the way from Toronto just to get my lip pierced by Jesse because I know I can trust him and his work. Keep up the good work Jesse!


Leah Blagden

Just wanted to say thanks to Jesse and the staff at Thrive! Kate and I were nervous but excited and you all really put us at ease. Jesse's skill and experience with piercing made it far less painful than piercings I've had in the past, and I'm sure it will heal just fine. I can't believe how fast it was over! I also loved the shop - spotlessly clean, classy, and we didn't feel out of place at all. I'll definitely return for the tattoo I have planned later this year!

Stephanie L.

I have been to a few places, and I am glad to say as someone new to the KW/Cambridge area, I wasn’t sure where to go, some people recommended I go to Jesse at Thrive. I am so glad I did, the whole process was just flawless. He is a true professional who loves what he does. I went in I was seen immediately (which I did make an appointment) and once my form was filled out and my Jewellery sterilized I was brought to the room and shown the state of the art technology used to sterilize the jewellery at Thrive. The tube piercing technique Jesse uses makes me feel extremely safe. I just want to give glowing reviews to everyone I know looking for a new piercing to go see him. But my most glowing review would be about how he conducts his business. He is honest and truly cares about his clients! He makes good suggestions and I felt completely comfortable putting all confidence in him in even choosing the exact placement and I didn’t have to get picky about it! I will be back for more piercings and to buy jewellery because I just enjoyed how they treated me so much! Excellent work Jesse, I really love my piercing!

Ashley Perras
This is long over due, I received microdermals (on my hips) from Jesse over a year ago but I still remember it was the best piercing experience I've ever had. Jesse was extremely personable, professional and super chill! I was nervous to get microdermals done because I have low pain tolerance. But Jesse re-assured me all the way through and explained everything very clearly and was happy to answer all my questions before starting. Also, he was very quick getting piercing me and getting the jewellery in, which made the experience very painless. I would highly recommend Jesse at Thrive Studios to any of my friends! Thanks so much, Jesse."


Emi B

I've been to five different studios in the States and Canada for piercing and Thrive is my favourite by far.  I did a lot of research on Tattoo & Piercing Studios in the area and decided to drive out to Cambridge to see Jesse when I needed to get my nose re-pierced.  The experience was even better than I imagined.  Jesse is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and up-to-date on the latest trends and technology as well as being a genuinely nice person.  I will definitely be back to get a microdermal and would strongly recommend Thrive to anyone.  The environment at the studio was also relaxed and it has the best selection of body jewellery I've ever seen including beautiful high end pieces!


Kelsey Morrissey

I am so impressed with Thrive Studios, I was just in today from having a bad experience last night having my nose piercing fall out that I had done at another studio.  Jesse took me in under his wing, and fitted jewelry to my nose and fixed me up.  He was so understanding to even having it done somewhere else, and considering my money situation.  Thank you so much you saved me! I'll definitely be back, for maybe more piercings and tattoos!  I really appreciate your help guys! :)


Laura Clemens

I just wanted to write expressing how impressed I was with your studio.  I didn't get my nose pierced at Thrive, but came in to get my nose ring changed by Jesse.  He was very approachable and helpful when I had questions and he took the time to answer them.  He didn't rush me out of the studio.  I had recently been to another local studio before and was not impressed with the service or people that worked there.  So when I came to Thrive; it was shocking that everyone took the time to answer my questions and concerns and help me pick out the perfect nose ring.  Overall, my experience at THRIVE was awesome and when I decided and build up the nerves to get a tattoo I will be in there to get it done.  Thanks again :)

Elaine F.

I had my nipples pierced about a month ago to SPICE up my marriage and be a little wild and crazy.  Luckily I live locally and the buzz was out that Jesse was da MAN!  So I made my decision, and my appointment that same day and the next thing I knew, I was flashing Jesse!  HaHa...THAT being said, Jesse was completely a gentleman and completely professional.  Throwing some humor in there sure made me feel at ease and that much more relaxed.  It's been well over a month now and my healing is coming along very well.  Thanks so much Jesse!  My husband thanks you too ;)  See you soon for my follow up!


Heather Huffman

Hey my name is Heather Huffman and I just had my belly button pierced on Saturday and absolutely love it! I was so unsure about doing it for a long time and am so glad I finally broke down and got it. I also want to add that going into it I was super, super, SUPER nervous, being terrified of needles and all.  However, Jesse made me feel really confident and made sure I was comfortable as can be.  He made the whole process, not necessarily relaxing or enjoyable, needles just suck, but he did make me feel as relaxed as can be expected.  Thank you for a wonderful piercing experience, and while it may be a while before I find enough courage again, I will make sure to come back and recommend you to any and all of my friends.  Thanks again and good luck with the expansion!


Joanie McDonald

I have had several tattoos and piercings done at Thrive Studios and I will never go anywhere else.  Everyone there is knowledgeable and friendly and you always feel welcome.  Whether it is your first visit or you are a regular you will have a great experience when you walk in the door.  If I am going in to purchase jewellery or even just to say hello I feel comfortable bringing my children in with me knowing that it is an environment that is suitable for the whole family.  Jesse has done an amazing job with this place!  He has great people on his team and I predict that Thrive Studios will be around for a long time!


Jennifer Tremblett

Hi my name is Jen, and I recently visited Thrive Studio's to get my labret pierced, and I've gotta say everytime I walk into the studio, you get the feeling of comfort and the smiling faces of Donna and Laura makes the first impression of Thrive to last a lifetime. So far Jesse has pierced my tragus, eyebrow, tongue and most recently my labret. I couldn't imagine going to any other piercing studio to get anything else done. Every other place that I have ever went to I have never been more relaxed when I walk in as I have felt when I walk into Thrive. For example I stopped by the studio today because I lost my piercing aftercare paper and right away as soon as I walked in Donna was there to greet me with a friendly smile on her face, and answered all of my questions about my new piercing and any concerns that I had, and needless to say when I left I was much more confident in my piercing and how the healing process was going to be. As well the studio is incredibly clean, I've actually walked into places that I either scared the crap out of me and have made me so uncomfortable that I've just stepped in the door and walked right back out. So I just wanted to say thank you to Jesse, Laura, Donna, and the rest of the staff at Thrive Studio's for being so amazing and that when I get my next piercing you know I'm coming back to you, maybe this time with coffee.


Rachel Kesselring

I just want to let everyone at Thrive know what a great job you're all doing! I've been in for my bellybutton and forward helix piercings so far, and I can't believe how smoothly everything went. Thrive is such a clean and classy-looking studio that the moment you walk in you feel confident in the establishment. The ladies at the front are so helpful whether you're actually booking an appointment or just browsing the galleries/jewellery. They acknowledge you when you walk in, which is something a lot of businesses seem to lack. It makes you feel like a valued customer when they say hello. And then of course is Jesse! What an awesome guy. Every time I've been into Thrive for a piercing Jesse always makes it so much more comfortable. He's such a genuine person who truly knows what he's doing and actually cares for the people he pierces. He lets you know what you're getting into before you make a decision, and he encourages questions. Yes, "even the dumb ones." Jesse and Thrive have truly changed the way I perceive the whole piercing and tattoo culture and I really appreciate their knowledge and passion for what they do. I would never recommend another studio! Thrive is the way to go, and I can't wait for my next visit. 


Brad Zorgdrager

Hey, this is just some praise for one of the nicest and most down to earth guys I've ever met. Today I was in to Thrive to check in on my piercing and Jesse cared enough to check it out even though there were no appointments and no charges were made. I was also encouraged to come back if I had any questions. Most places only care about the money, but I get the feeling that Jesse genuinely cares.  Which brings me to my next point. When I brought up the idea of getting a sleeve tattoo, Jesse talked me through the pros and cons of my idea. Whereas many may jump at the immense amount of money their institution could make if I went through, Jesse made me understand what I may have gotten myself into. Because of this, I'm being a lot more thoughtful and my eyes are open to a lot more consequences I had not thought of before. So this is just a quick thank you for not being a money obsessed business clone, and instead being a genuine, caring person. If Jesse himself does not get this e-mail, I would appreciate if the recipient could pass it along to him. I only recommend people to go to Thrive, and this cemented that. Thanks so much Jesse!


Lynn Wilson

I just got my nose pierced today. At 43 years of age I was very nervous to say the least. I shouldn't have been. Jesse put me right at ease. I felt like I knew him for years. He also did a Monroe piercing for my daughter. After we left I told my daughter that I want to adopt Jesse. He is awesome!!  Thank you again


Kristina Bygrave

I got my Conch piercing (inner ear) done by Jesse about two years ago now. I was incredibly nervous!  Any piercing I'd had done up until that point were done by piercing gun. He talked me through the entire process, and all I could say when I was done was "That's it?" I plan on getting more piercings, all done by Jesse of course, and the tattoo's I want, of course, will be done at Thrive. By far the BEST piercing studio in Cambridge and surrounding area!


Tyler McKay and Jessica Channer

Myself and my girlfriend Jessica just got back from getting both our lobes stretched. I have multiple piercings done and this is Jessica's 2nd piercing by Jessie. We are both continually impressed by the friendly and professional atmosphere created at Thrive Studios. Expect to see us many more times! We love our piercings, thanks a lot!


Lori Hilborn

I just went and got my nose pierced by Jesse, I am not good with pain at all. I could not believe how quick it was. Before I knew it, it was done. I am so glad I did not go elsewhere and get my piercing with a gun now that I know the facts that the needle is much safer and more sanitary. Thanks Jesse for making my experience a lot less painful and for taking the time to explain the procedure and to answer my questions. The reputation you have received by your patrons is so true.


Mandy King

Jesse, you did my tongue and I was nervous but you made it so calm. You’re the best at what you do. And I do plan on getting at least two more piercings. I tell everyone I know to go to thrive and I never heard a negative comment back. Thanks a lot Jesse.


Jean Newbold

Just a short note to tell you how blown away I was today, with my visit when my boyfriend and I came in to have some piercing done by Jesse. We found your studio, relaxing, comfortable, clean and above all very PROFFERSIONAL.  Through the years I have dealt with several studios ranging from T.O to Orangeville and all the way to Europe and I have to say your staff and the owner were amazing. They were totally informative and sincere in all aspects of the transition and on top of it all Jesse has a great sense of humor that at least made me feel a little more comfortable with the situation. My boyfriend also felt very relaxed with someone like Jesse who took his time to tell us all about the aspects of what might happen and what to look for in the future.  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS>>>>>> I’ll be telling all my friends about you.


Lindsay Charlton

I recently had my Tragus pierced by Jesse and it went absolutley awesome.  I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect but Jesse took his time and explained the whole process to me.   Jesse made me feel very comfortable and joked around to keep my mind off of things.  I would highly recommend going to Thrive for piercings and I know I'll be back if I get anything else done.  Awesome experience! Thanks!"



I'd like to thank Jesse for his fine, fine service the other day while piercing my labret - a great experience! And thanks to the lovely reception staff who walked Jenny through a tattoo consultation. She's so excited to get in to see Bry she can barely contain in. :)
Again, kudos. Bye for now!


Charlie Diniz

I have had Jesse for a few of my piercings.  I have to say I am very anal at cleanliness and this place is like phenomenal.  Jesse is great and makes you feel so comfortable.  I have had my sternum and both tragus pierced and love it.   The whole atmosphere is wonderful and you feel so comfortable and relaxed. .  The whole team at Thrive is wonderful.  Don't ever leave us Jesse!


Danilelle Guzy

I can totally see why they're always voted #1!  I got my tattoo done last year and everybody went above and beyond for me. Also, whenever I get anything done to my body it manages to get infected and for the first time ever it didn't happen. My tattoo looks amazing, and I gotta thank everybody there for their awesome professionalism and talent :)   See you for another soon!


Lindsay M

I have had eight piercings by Jesse. Each one a new adventure. My first one was my navel. I was so nervous I was crying and laughing at the same time, but Jesse walked me through it and I was fine. My others were my ears, they got stretched then another set of holes, my eyebrow, and my lip. Each time Jesse has walked me through the procedures and made me feel comfortable and even told me everything was going to be ok. And a member of his every friendly staff has held my hand each time. I definitely have needed it. I don't even give a whince of pain anymore it's more of a sigh of relief. Thank you so much Jesse for doing all of my piercings they have certainly been an adventure and I hope there are more to come.

Douglas Scott

Jesse, I just wanted to thank you again for making my nose piercing an enjoyable experience.  You made the experience a comfortable and memorable one for my myself as well as my two sisters, Darlene and Monique. I was very nervous while waiting to have it done but once we were in the room and we were all talking and laughing I was not so nervous anymore.  I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to have a piercing to visit your studio. Thank you!


Darlene Michaud

Hi, this is Darlene from the three sisters you pierced yesterday.  I just wanted to say thank you for making it so fun.  I have no pain or problems this morning and am quit happy I had it done. I will be making an appointment with you studio soon in order to get a tattoo. Thanks again!


Jeff Egerton


I've got my septum pierced and recently had the ring changed.  I am very happy with the experience.  Jesse made it very comfortable at both times.  I recommend Thrive Studios to anybody wanting a piercing, I got nothing but top notch service by everyone in the shop.  Thanks again everyone for the awesome experience!! 


Jeannette Hamilton


I had my nose pierced 2 yrs ago and then my tongue and both nipples this fall.  Jesse is amazing and I would never let anyone else pierce my body.  He makes you feel so comfortable and reassures you that if you do have any problems with your piercings, he will be there to help you out.  The staff at Thrive are all great; there is no other place I would go.  See you soon for my Tattoo!


Jeff Rose


At the beginning of the year, I got two piercings from Jesse.  I really wanted to get my eyebrow pierced but I was pretty nervous about it.  So, I ended up going and I felt really comfortable because Jesse told me everything he was doing and everything I should do in order to take care of the piercing.  I came back the next month and got my lip pierced.  I wasn't really nervous this time around but once again Jesse made me feel comfortable.  Anyways, I'm going for a third piercing soon and it's surely going to be at Thrive.  Jesse is really talented and makes it so you get the perfect piercing you want.  It's awesome.


Lili Jacinto


I was extremely impressed with the attitude of everyone in the shop.  Most shops I've been in, in my experience, treat you as if they are doing YOU a favour by even taking the time to do work that you are paying them to do.  Everyone in Thrive was very friendly, and definitely eases any nervousness you may have going on before your piercing.  The piercing was quick, painless, and healed well.  I'm definitely going back for more and I definitely recommend Thrive to anyone looking to get pierced.


Crystal Guest


I went to see Jesse for the first time at Thrive Studios just last week to have my tongue pierced!  It was quick and absolutely painless.  Jesse, you are amazing at what you do and have the cleanest and best looking shop that I have ever seen, not too mention the most amazing and helpful staff.  I then returned to the shop yesterday to have a microdermal placed in my chest.  Once again due to his knowledge it was a painless experience!  To all the staff there, .keep up the great work!


Darlene Michaud

Hi, this is Darlene from the three sisters you pierced yesterday.  I just wanted to say thank you for making the piercing so fun.  I have no pain or problems this morning and am quite happy I had it done. I will be making an appointment with you studio soon in order to get a tattoo.  Thanks again


Vanessa Werstine

You've done my last 4 piercings (rook, web, nose and tragus) I'm always so nervous but you help me through it and I'd like to think I deal with it ok!  Can't wait to be back in town and get some more.  I won't go to anyone else... I love Thrive!


Kelly Storm

I got two piercings done here, my nipple and belly button.  They were done fast and everything was very professional.


Kate Hopf

I've gotten my nose, belly button, monroe and ears pierced. My boyfriend got his lip and ears pierced as well. You're awesome at what you do, Keep up the good work!


Christy Caskenette

I wouldn't get pierced by anyone else!  If you ever leave Cambridge Jesse you better tell me where you go!


Stephanie McCabe

I've only gotten my nose pierced there so far, but I'm planning on coming back!  Cheers to a job well done!


Teri De Boer

Got my left rook done, I also brought in my daughter to get her right helix and second on each lobe. All healing very well!  Thanks Jesse!


Candice Gray

Just about everything I've had done has been done at Thrive.  The seemingly lifelong addiction to Jesse's work started with a simple tongue piercing when I was 19 - now I recommend the shop to anyone and everyone, and don't trust anyone else to pierce me or hack me up!  Jesse knows his stuff, and is always willing to learn more to be the best he can. The atmosphere of the shop is very calming and inviting, yet relaxed...and the staff does everything they can to accommodate you, and make your experience there the best it can be.


Patricia Smith

My friend Jen and I got our nose pierced at Thrive.  It was a great experience.  I was glad we went to Jesse.  He took his time and explained everything first, the piercing was relatively painless (I'm a wuss) and we got great after care advise.  We now have his card on our bulletin board at work and always recommend his shop to anyone who is interested in piercing or tattoos.  I will be back soon for another piercing and a new tattoo! Thanks Jesse


Charlie Hansford Diniz

Jesse you were great at piercing my tragus and my ear and have gone to you lots to change them too!  It really has nothing to do with the fact you are just so sweet and cute too!


Steve Livermore

Jesse pierced my septum about 3 weeks ago.  It's easy to understand that the septum isn't an easy part of your face to pierce, but Jesse did an amazing job and made it an excellent experience. He nailed it right on the sweet spot, nice and straight, and I experienced hardly any blood shed or pain. I've heard too many horror stories about septum piercings going wrong, so I was ultimately glad of this!  It's healing awesome, and I'm looking forward to getting more work done in the future. Thanks again!


Joanie McDonald

Hey Jesse, You've done my tongue, my nose and today a monroe beauty mark.  I will never go anywhere else for piercings or tattoos, you guys rock!


Jeremy Alistair Ross

Hey Jessie, got my nose done by you, love it, thanks, comfortable environment, awesome!


Lee Simpson-Stewart

I got my belly done there and everyone told me it hurt but thanks to Jesse it didn't hurt at all.  I'm coming back!


Kristina Bygrave

I got my conch done at Thrive.  I was so nervous but Jesse talked me through each step, therefore removing all nervousness.  All I said when it was done was "That's it?"  It healed nicely and I'm currently hoping for a new piercing soon, done of course, at Thrive Studios.


Melissa Greig

Jesse first pierced me when he worked at Eternal Body Art when it was down near Eagle Street.  That was almost 6 years ago.  Since then he has pierced me a number of times and my sister as well.  He's awesome.


Crystal Woodham

I have been pierced twice at by Jesse, best piercer I know, and feel comfortable with.  I will be going back but mostly this time for a tat!


Christina Harris-Colis

I've lost count on how many times Jesse has pierced me. He makes me feel comfortable and does an awesome job which is why I always go back.


Valerie Jansen

I got the bottom of my belly button, my nape, and my sternum done at Thrive.  Jesse made me feel very calm about each experience and I LOVE the finished product! Thanks Jesse!


Oana Ungureanu

I had my industrial done about two months ago by Jesse and it went really well and is healing amazingly!  The first time I went to Thrive I had come in with an industrial done in my other ear from another (unmentioned studio) and it was pierced in a way that it would never have healed.  Needless to say Jesse took it out for me and didn't charge me for it.  So I decided to go back and have him do my other ear as thanks for the help.


Danielle C

Jesse has done my rook and my industrial.  I love them!


Katie Neil

I got my tongue done today at Thrive.  I wouldn't ever think of going anywhere else for a piercing.  Awesome job Jesse, thanks so much!


Shara Hillier

You did my ears.  Silly as it may be, I was nervous.  When I sat in that chair, the second you opened your mouth I was instantly comfortable.  You definitely have passion for what you do and it shows.  It was a great experience!


Anna Vey

I got my nose done there today. He's a really nice guy and has a really nice studio.  I'd definitely get another piercing there.  Great walk through of everything, and really clean.  Smooth piercing and everything's going good so far.


Michelene Lilbourne

I have had my ears pierced by Jesse, and an industrial on my right ear. They all healed well, and quickly. I really want another piercing soon, or a tattoo, but I live in Etobicoke right now, and I don't know when I can next get to Cambridge.


Stacyann Crosby

Hey! I got my monroe pierced there, excellent, and a very fast healing.  Also very handy when I needed a question answered about my new piercing through Facebook.


Alyssa Bissonnette

I got my tragus done at Thrive and I will never go anywhere else again.  It's the best place ever!  I love it all thanks so much!


Nikki Furey

I got my tongue, labret and monroe all done at Thrive, next I'll be stopping in there to get a tattoo.  It is so clean an the people are so friendly I love it there.  I won't go anywhere else.  Keep up the good work!


Tiffany A Ferguson

Whoo hoo! Thanks Jesse for the therapy session and the awesome piercing! I love it!


Julie Ferguson
Jesse has done all my piercings.  I wouldn't go anywhere else, he rocks!
Russel Clarke

Jesse has done all my piercings because he does a really kick ass professional job.  His shop is one of the cleanest I've ever seen.  He makes you comfortable even though he's shoving a needle through your face.  Any way, good job Jesse!


Randy Plourde
If I plan on getting any more piercings, Jesse is still the man.



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