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Leslee Levy

I ventured in to Thrive about a week or so ago anticipating to make an appointment to have a memorial tattoo done after many months of thought. To my delight, there was a cancellation that day, and the wonderful and creative Danny Pennie worked his magic and designed a unique tattoo in memory of my late brother for which I am forever grateful! Danny, you're the best and each time I look down at my tattoo I not only remember my bro, I'll remember you!
Thanks for making this 'ole gal fulfil one thing on her bucket list!!

Rae Lynn Beck

Lindsay was absolutely awesome. Professional, focused and engaging. 3 hour sitting went by so quickly I could hardly believe it

Jenn Percy

Visited yesterday for a memorial tattoo for my grandmother. Danny did a great job on the tattoo. He does beautiful work and I will be back soon to get another tattoo completed! So happy. Also very knowledgeable on piercings. Still thinking about the nose stud. :) Go see them you won't be disappointed!


I had a great experience at Thrive. Great artist (Lindsay) and very clean work areas. I AM going back, as soon as the funds are available!

Dil Martins

Thank you so much to Danny who did an amazing job. Had a time no lie a little pain but so worth it. Great laughs great tattoo. Everyone is very friendly. Thanks Danny.

Ela Hawkins

I don't usually write reviews, but I loved my experience so much, I thought I'd give it a go.

My sternum tattoo was originally booked for November. But due to personal reasons, I had to book it for January 7th instead. I gave the studio a call and Katlyn happily changed the appointment for me. Never made me feel guilty or inconvenient.

Upon arrival, Katlyn greeted my friends and I with a smile like always and actually ended up remembering me from my consultation. It was quick and smooth. Jesse even made small talk with us for a bit.

Upstairs, I was getting ready for my tattoo. I have other tattoos bigger than the one I got that day, but I've heard ONLY horror stories about the sternum so naturally, I was scared. Lindsay, my tattoo artist made me forget about the pain. She made conversation. She was personal, sarcastic, funny, and she seemed to really enjoy her job and the environment she was in. Did I mention she was sarcastic?

Not only did Lindsay make this experience memorable, but so did Angela and Danny. They interacted with me while I was getting my tattoo done. There were only little bits of it that I actually felt pain because I was having too much fun.  The reason why I went into detail with this review is because I wanted to make the point that the ENTIRE store itself is EXTREMELY well run. I've gotten a couple of piercings from Jesse himself and each experience has been great. The flow is there, the enthusiasm is there, the cleanliness is there, and everyone has respect for each other. I could not have asked for a better way to start off 2016. Thank you so much to the Thrive Studios team, and a personal thanks again to Lindsay. I will definitely be seeing you again soon.


This message is for Angela.. Getting a tattoo is, and can be one of the most rewarding feelings ever, but it also can be terrifying! Not because of the pain but because of the permanency. Putting your trust in someone to live up to whatever expectations you have created in your mind is an absolutely powerless feeling. Trusting that an artist can capture what you imagine, and live up to your expectations is almost impossible. I can say with absolute certainty that with Angela you CANNOT Be disappointed. I went in for my first session shaking, and when I saw what Angela came up with I was completely relieved. Angela's artistic abilities speak for themselves! Any issues or concerns you have will be buried once you see what she's come up with! I couldn't be more thankful for my half sleeve and find myself constantly saying how amazing I think it looks! I would recommend Angela to any of my friends or family, and encourage anyone nervous to take a chance on her, you won't be disappointed!!

Thanks Thrive and Angela...can't wait for more!



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