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At the age of 19 he picked up his first Tattoo machine and the rest is history. Since then he has graduated with his Masters in Art, worked in several different cities/countries & participated in numerous shows.  Robert Witczuk is a very skilled and flexible artist with over ten years of experience. He began his career in Poland and after finishing his degree he moved to Ireland. He has been in and around Ireland since 2007 working in Dublin and surroundings, where he pays insane attention to every detail and proper hygiene skills are crucial. As of September 2013 Robert has relocated to Canada and can be found in Cambridge, ON. Rob is recognized as an award winning tattoo artist.


Joined Thrive Studios July 2016.



  • Black & Gray

  • Colour Portraits

  • Illustrative

  • Colour Realism




Robert Witczuk's Portfolio


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