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Thrive Studios

Thrive Studios was founded in October 2005 by Jesse Villemaire.  With his experience of working and co-owning a previous tattoo studio (Eternal Body Art) Jesse decided to attempt a new approach within the body art industry.  His vision was to create a quality tattoo and body piercing studio with advanced sterilization techniques, in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Since our arrival in 2005 we have already surpassed the expectations of many, including ourselves!  Some of our highlights over the past years include; helping to raise over $20,000 for breast cancer research, being a major sponsor for Rock The Mill, collecting food and toys for the Cambridge food bank with our yearly Tattooed Santa Cruise, also guest speaking at numerous high schools alongside Public Health Inspectors.  Thrive Studios also attends multiple safety/learning seminars and conventions across North America including the Association of Professional Piercers conference in Las Vegas. We've currently been featured on the radio, television, magazines, films and numerous newspapers including the New York Times! 

As you walk through our doors you will be greeted by one of our extremely knowledgeable staff members Katlyn Steel and Sheila.  They have been exceeding our client's expectations with customer service since day one.  On the second floor of Thrive Studios is our private tattoo loft featuring five of the areas finest tattoo artists; Nicola GreethamAngela McDonald, Danny Pennie, Kyle Murph and Robert Witczuk.  Please call us to set up a free consultation in order to help design your perfect tattoo.  We are here to help in any way; even if you have received tattoos or piercings elsewhere, we will gladly answer any of your questions or concerns.  Thrive offers more than just tattoos and piercings; we also carry Gift Cards available in any denomination and a large selection of body jewellery.  We offer custom jewellery consultations by our knowledgeable staff Katlyn Steel and Daniel Thomas.  We can custom order jewellery from many different suppliers worldwide at no additional charge.  You can order anything from basic earrings to the most elegant gold and diamonds body jewellery.  We strive to offer you quality made jewellery from North American manufactures that provide warranties for thier jewellery.  Once we show you the quality difference, you'll never want to purchase cheap body jewellery from the local mall ever again.     

As Thrive Studios began to grow significantly fast during the first few years, it was time to look into expanding.  In 2009 we started a huge renovation project (timeline photos here) which would expand our studio significantly.  The year long project allowed us to double in size by adding a private second floor loft space for strictly tattooing.  We've also expanded our main lobby allowing more room for clients and expanding our extensive jewellery selection.  Our piercing room has gained some extra square footage including new 9 foot ceilings throughout the main floor featuring original tin ceilings from the early 1900's.  With a large comfortable atmosphere it's easy to feel at ease during any procedure preformed at Thrive Studios.  Invite a friend or two with you while you're getting a tattoo or a piercing.

We're also excited to be Voted BEST Tattoo and Piercing Studio 2006 - 2017 by the Cambridge Times Readers Choice Awards!   Since the beginning our focus has been to break down the stereotypical "tattoo parlor" image.  Thrive succeeds with this vision as we offer quality body art and the highest sterilization standards, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.  Our professional and educational approach will leave you with a whole new outlook of the body art industry.
Thrive Studios is fully licensed through the City of Cambridge and Health Board inspected.  You are invited to see the latest sterilization techniques and equipment specialized for your health and safety.  Our spore testing results are always displayed to ensure you that our autoclave is in proper working condition.  Your safety is our priority.
What is Spore Testing and why is it so important?

Spore testing is the most common way to ensure that an autoclave (sterilizer) is working properly.  In short, it works by running a package of living spores through an autoclave cycle.  This package is then sent to a laboratory which attempts to incubate it.  If anything is still alive, then the autoclave did not achieve sterility.  Spore tests actually test the autoclaves ability to kill even the most dangerous and resistant organisms such as Hepatitis, HIV  and other bloodborne pathogens.

If you're considering getting a tattoo or a piercing, seeking spore test results and proper sterilization documentation should be high on your list while searching for a safe establishment.  Our facility features a visible sterilization room for you to learn about our whole sterilization process. 

Recently the media has focused on the improper record keeping within certain tattoo studios and unfortunately little is being done to monitor this situation.  Some studios that have been inspected haven't been able to provide any spore testing documentation.  In our local area it is required by our Health Board Department to test our autoclaves at least twice per month.  Then with our annual Health Board inspection we are required to show them our test results and prove to them everything has passed throughout the year. 

At Thrive Studios we go above and beyond the mimimal health board standards.  We test our autoclaves once per week.  We also run integrator tags with each sterilization load to ensure the proper amount of time and the correct temperature was achieved during the sterilization cycle.  This allows us to know our equipment is working properly at all times. 

The colour changing indicators on the back of most sterile packages only indicates the package has reached a certain temperature.  This does not mean it has been properly sterilized.  Many people believe that an instrument or needle etc. is sterile due to the fact they saw it come out of a package.  This is not always true.  You can leave a sterilization package on the dashboard of your car on a hot summer day and the indicator will also change colour.  Obviously this doesn't imply that the instruments inside the packaging are properly sterilized.  Current spore test documentation is the only way to know for sure.

If any tattoo and piercing studio follows the above protocol and are willing to show you all the spore tests, integrators, and answer all your questions about the sterilization process, then they are working to ensure your health and safety.  Don't be afraid to ask as most studios would be happy to show their results with you if they are following the minimal standards.  Remember it's only yourself that you're putting at risk if you don't know the answers to these questions.
Come visit Thrive Studios and discover for yourself why we've been voted #1 since 2006


View more pictures of Thrive Studios HERE

Thrive Studios has also been recognized by the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce presenting their "Wow" Cambridge award for outstanding customer service.  Please read the story below:
AUGUST 2007 - Jesse Villemaire of Thrive Studios

I would like to nominate Jesse Villemaire of Thrive Studios (653 4333- 1037 King St E. Cambridge) for WOW recognition.

I had family friends from Portland Oregon visit on the weekend. Their teenage daughter has recently had a nose piercing done in Portland. It became infected and she and her mother were quite concerned. We went to Thrive Studios in the hopes that someone would help us.

Jesse was very helpful, even though he did not do the piercing and did not stand to gain much from this, and gave them advice that resulted in the infection clearing up immediately. They commented that the clinic that did the original piercing in Portland was not as knowledgeable, nor near as helpful, as Jesse was. They left feeling very relieved and happy that someone had helped.

Thrive Studios
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